Saturday, November 17, 2012


Sometimes it is difficult to find much to be thankful for. This year may be one of those times. However, if you are in this predicament, the search for good can be revealing and fulfilling.  Consider some of the following  events you may have celebrated since last Thanksgiving:

1.      A new baby or grandchild was born.
2.      Your loved one returned safely from Afghanistan.
3.      Your daughter graduated from college and got a job.
4.      Your son married a wonderful young woman.
5.      The x-rays proved that your mother’s fall resulted in only a bruised hip.
6.      Your husband or wife still has a job.
7.      The breast test came back negative.
8.      You celebrated fifty years of marriage.
9.      You lost 15 pounds
10.  Your oldest child started kindergarten.
11.  Your pet loves you.
12.  You have a sense of humor.
13.  You can gaze at the sunset, or the tide rolling in, or the snow on the mountains.
14.  You give and receive love.
15.  Your child gave you a homemade Mother’s Day card.
16.  You received sufficient rainfall for your crops.
17.  Your roses bloomed all summer.
18.  Your son escaped without a scratch when he totaled his car.
19.  Your husband gave you a surprise party.
20.  Your neighbor shared his zucchini with you. J

             Give thanks for our servicemen, police, and firemen who risk their lives to keep
              us safe.

A major blessing is our Bill of Rights. No other country has a much individual    freedom as we do. Give thanks for the freedom of the press, religion, assembly, to bear arms, to vote, trial by our peers, unreasonable search and seizure. Give thanks for our unique Constitution.  

This is a short list. I’m sure you can think of many more. Some may appear frivolous, but think about it – they are each a blessing.

The Bible says laughter is good medicine. A positive attitude puts a spring in your step and is contagious. All those around you benefit. Remember, some things are like the weather, you can’t do anything about it. So, as the old adage says, “When you’re dealt a lemon, make lemonade.”

Most importantly, remember your heavenly Father is still on His throne and in control.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Celebrate. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.       

Friday, November 16, 2012


 A tyrant lives at our house. Our daughter found a gray, two pound ball of fluff inside a coke machine a year ago and brought him home. After spending a day or so assessing his situation, he asserted full authority over the entire household. We named him All That Jazz (for some unexplainable reason) and promptly shortened it to Jazz.

Jazz appropriates my favorite chair at will and turns into a handful of cooked spaghetti when I try to remove him. Another resting place is the laundry basket, atop freshly laundered and folded clothes.
His hobbies include chasing the long cord my husband uses to connect his laptop to the phone. Cat toys bore him, but he has been known to rip a newspaper or homework into confetti when thwarted.

At mealtime, he wraps himself around my feet in a disgusting fawning manner, even though he knows the rule is no feeding in the kitchen or dining room. He prefers pasta to cat food, but his all time favorite food is tuna.

Each night he honors one of us by sleeping on the chosen one's bed. Once settled, you move him at your own risk. He appears benign enough as you gently slide him over so you can slip under the covers. Don't be fooled by the fact that he doesn't move an eyelid, or stiffen his tail. In half an hour or so, just as you are nestling into a sound sleep, he exacts revenge by nipping a toe.

I once scolded him sternly: "I'm the mistress, you're the pet." He stared at me with unblinking green eyes for a few moments, swishing his tail all the while. Then he yawned and turned his back on me. I am almost sure I heard "Dream on Lady" as he stalked off.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Father, Save America


Lord, You delivered the Israelites from slavery,
and moved them across the sea.

You raised up Moses, Joshua and David
to lead them;
You gave them the Promised Land.

You delivered the Pilgrims from prosecution,
and took them across the sea.

You raised up Washington, Adams, and Henry
to lead them;
You gave them America.

You produced the Ten Commandments
To guide your chosen people;
You inspired the constitution
To govern the new land.

Israelites fell away.
America fell away.

Israel called out to You, and repented;
You heard their cries and healed their land.

On my knees I called to You. I repented.
Lord, hear my prayer and heal our land.

Father, please save America.