Monday, August 11, 2014

Canine Perception

Many people judge others on their appearance. The fat lady is honored only in opera. The short man is considered sissified. Some folks reject those of different skin color, a limp, lack of so-called style in dress, the job they pursue, their education, their ancestry, or where they live.


Our canine friends are wiser. Dogs sense the real person and instinctively recognize a person’s personality. They relate to kindness, generosity, even the interior happiness. They shy away from shallowness, egotism, “me first” self-serving persons. They respond to sincerity and turn away from hypocrisy. Is it any wonder some people prefer their dog to their neighbors? 

Imagination Gone Amok

I rarely have trouble falling asleep at night. Usually, I read five or six pages of a novel, turn out the light, say my prayers and go to sleep within minutes.


On the rare occasion I cannot drop off, I silently recite a few Bible verses or the lyrics to a hymn, and drift into dreamland.


A few weeks ago, after praying, my thoughts ran rampant in my head and I could not nod off. I switched position and recited a few more verses. No luck.


Then imagination took over. I had always heard of counting sheep jumping over a fence as a sleep inducement, but had never tried it. Hmm. I wonder if it works.


I closed my eyes and imagined a little wooly white lamb jumping over a low fence and running off. A second little sheep followed—three—four…ten, eleven… twelve.  The next lamb had a red face.


I opened my eyes and frowned, rolled over on my side and tried again. Two more little red-faces leaped over and disappeared. I settled more comfortable. Then, the next lamb had a lime green face, then a sky blue one, a neon yellow one. I smiled. This was fun.


To my surprise, the following two had normal white face. Then, in quick order: a lamb with pink polka-dotted wool, one with purple stripes, followed by one with green and blue plaid wool.


I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. What next? I wondered.


I decided to go downstairs and have a cup of hot milk. I had never tried that either, but how could my imagination possibly mess up a cup of milk?