Friday, December 9, 2011

A to Z - Almost

The day is gray and misty.
How did it happen that I am, too?
Which came first?

Was it gray outside when the alarm didn’t work?
Was I burning the toast when the sun didn’t come up?
Stepping on the cat that got in my way?
Or taking a shower when I got a bouquet?
It doesn’t matter so much.

But what to do when everything’s down?
You can’t bring a smile, only a frown.
You need a pat, but no one’s around.

Your shoes are gray; your purse is brown,
You try to be prim, but act like a clown,
If it’s sink or swim, you’ll drown,
You don’t quite fit into your new gown,
You asked for a poodle, but got a hound.

You feel like you’re being jerked around,
Your dreams were kicked down,
Your interview was a let-down,

Your new suit was just marked down,
Your best friend gives you the run-around,
Your scale shows you’ve gained another pound,
Your circle of friends isn’t quite round,
You wait for a call – not a sound.

Your husband must spend the night in town,
Your downtown bus is going uptown,
Your car engine is going – varoown,
A hot cup of tea leaves you wound,
Another line yet to x-pound,
The pitfalls are open year-round.


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